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Several kinds of support and sponsoring are offered in order to collect the funds necessary to the realisation of this tournament.
These are to be discussed and we invite you to contact us through this internet site.
According to the amount agreed and as an example, the advertiser and/or sponsor beneficiates of:
name or logo displayed prominently in the whole campaign of promotion:

- daily written press (Le Courrier de l'Escaut), and on  television (local T.V. "No Télé"), press conferences, internet site
- name or logo on the posters presenting the tournament and invitations
- logo on the tournament t-shirt (distributed to all participants)
- advertisement board(s) on the tennis courts
- participation to the public draw, to the "players banquet" and to the award ceremony
- advertisement in four-colour printing or B/W in the tournament brochure.

The tournament receives also a large echo in the written press and receives the support of the R.T.B.F. (national francophone television). The 2016 edition has been covered largely by RTBF (tele), VivaCité and NO TELE.
The tournament receives a large helping hand from the city of Ath, a support of the province of Hainaut, of  the Wallonian Region and of the Francophone Community of Belgium, of "AVIQ" and of National Lotery. Another support also comes from A.F.T. on national level as well as on regional level.

Without the help of public and private sponsors, the company is not feasible.

Therefore offer us the opportunity to complete!

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